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Fees for Services 

  • Consultation  €60 (follow up within 2 weeks for same reason €30)

  • Consultation for GMS card holders Free

  • Blood test by nurse €30 (for GMS card holders  cost €20 unless part of chronic disease management check up eg diabetes care)

  • Injection by nurse €20 eg vitamin b12

  • Cervical screening /smear test  FREE for all eligible women aged 25 - 60yrs

  • Contraception consultations and procedures FREE for all under 26 yrs

  • Mirena/copper coil insertion €200 (covers 3 consultations involved) but Free for GMS card holders

  • Implanon insertion or removal €125 (Free for GMS card holders)

  • Implanon removal and insertion combined €150 (Free for GMS card holders)

  • Ingrown toenail surgical removal €200 (not covered by GMS)

  • Driving license medical €60 (not covered by GMS)

  • Medicolegal report (fee varies from €300 - €500 depending on complexity)

Fees for Services: Text
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